The Pastry shop - Birthday cakes


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Wicked Fudge 9”
Chocolate mud cake with layers of moist chocolate fudge icing and covered with chocolate ganach and whit cream rosettes






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Jaffa Torte 9”
A moist choc orange mud covered in orange flavour icing and top with chocolate ganach. Decorated with a unique pattern





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Red Velvet 9”
This rich and sweet cake is known for its distinctive dark red colour. We top it with the most delicious cream cheese frosting for the perfect tea time treat.







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HB Vanilla Sponge 9”
The light vanilla sponge soaked with grand Marnier filled with jam & fresh cream with roasted almond on the sides. 






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HB Chocolate sponge 9”
Deliciously light chocolate sponge filled with fresh cream and layer with raspberry jam and covered with choc cream and dark chocolate hail on the sides.







Description: C:\Users\nitesh&family\Pictures\2013-10-02 001\IMG_0326.JPG    Chocolate Caramel mud 9”

A rich moist caramel mud with a filling of caramel on top and finished with fudge rosettes and dark chocolate shavings on sides.





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Classic HB mud 9”
Delight yourself with our signature mud range. Moist chocolate mud cake covered in indulgent chocolate ganach and topped with an impressive design the ultimate party pleaser.






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Mud Cake deluxe 9”
Great for any special event that you want to celebrate with an indulgent treat. Moist chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganach and finished      with decadent chocolate decorations.






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Classic Italian Tiramisu 9”
True to the Italian classic this tiramisu cake layers creamy mascarpone mousse with espresso soaked cake and dusting of cocoa with chocolate shavings on sides