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It all began with a passionate and professional pastry chef  his vision and dream was to open a small family business and share with New Zealand his love of exquisite cakes and pastries from his home island called Fiji islands. Khem Rajan started small from baking delicacies. Working at places like the beautiful Sheraton Resort Hotel in Fiji and others in Australia.

Modern decorative Cake Boutique

I first learned the fundamentals and techniques for creating scrumptious, one-of-a-kind cakes.
In the early days of my pastry education, I was tremendously inspired by a prestigious chef whose memorable quote was ”affair of the heart”, struck a chord with my sentiments exactly as well as leaving an indelible print on my heart throughout my 25-year pastry-making career.

Classic Cakes is a traditional yet modern decorative cake boutique where we make and serve some of the most delicious desserts that will ever touch your lips. We offer a huge variety of luscious pastries for virtually every buffet and event.

It fills my heart with pride and honor to have earned recognition in the premier issue of Pastry Art and Design (South Pacific). This esteemed acknowledgement will undoubtedly generate more business opportunities for the pastry industry in general as well as boost the pastry performance and professionalism in our area.


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As a hard-working pastry chef, I constantly feel the relentless pressure of working long hours in a frenzied environment. Therefore, I need to be extremely efficient at categorizing my thoughts and tasks in order to successfully produce new menu creations, meet important deadline budgets, and create appetizing food tasting samples for promotions and events.

Making beautiful, mouth-watering pastries is my heart’s passion. Therefore, it brings me pure joy to watch someone thoroughly enjoy my original tasty creations.


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Auckland, 1062
New Zealand

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